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Sweden is best seen from the open sea. Culture, nature, adventure and the open sea all combined into one experience! Boating and closeness to the water is a treasured way of life for us at Agapi. Agapi Charter & Events offers picturesque tours of nature, attractive events, conferences and tourism arrangements in Stockholm’s archipelago as well as all of Svealand’s seas and waters. All with that added element of adventure and energy that the open water has to offer.


Agapi 750 test drive

Time for a test drive with one of the boat magazines in Sweden, Vi Båtägare. Gorgeous day, 22 degrees and warm winds at […]

Agapi covering Volkswagen X-35 Cup

Agapi has been proud to partner with Why Shore Yachting & Marketing since 2012. In 2013, we are once again providing WhyShore with […]